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Environmental Justice League of RI – Position Paper

The position paper provides a critical analysis of the various ways the construction of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) production plant is a danger and injustice to the environment and Port of Providence community.

Read the whole paper here or read it in sections in the 6-part series published by RI Future:

1. RI Future – “Flawed Proposal: Background info on National Grid’s liquefaction proposal”

2. RI Future – “Potential Disasters: Dangerous Facility in a High Risk”

3. RI Future – “Environmental Racism: Ongoing and Underlying Environmental Justice Issues”

4. RI Future – “Climate Change: LNG Plant causes climate change and is at risk from climate impacts”

5. RI Future – “Public Health: Health Disparities and Impacts on Health Care Institutions”

6. RI Future – “Economic Inequality: High Cost Project That Will Cause Economic Damage”

7. RI Future – “Alternatives and Solutions: Strategies for Climate Justice and a Just Transition